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10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

How to Tie a Scarf

Fall is the perfect time to wrap yourself up in a great scarf! There are so many ways for fashionistas like you to wear a scarf, but it can be overwhelming.

Wearing a scarf should not be a complicated, time consuming activity. The scarf should pull your outfit together and keep you warm this fall and winter. We know you are busy so we thought we would put some of the ways we found on Pinterest on “how to tie a scarf” to the test. Which looks are your favorite?


 “The Hang Loose”

The simplest way to wear a scarf, just put it on your shoulders. This would be great for a warmer day when you still want to rock your scarf for a pop of color. (The scarf on Rebecca Johnson, Marketing Assistant, is the Flora Scarf by Initials, Inc.)






“It’s a Wrap” or “Double Wrap”

Another simple way to wear a scarf, just place around your neck like in the “Hang Loose” but wrap the ends around your neck and shoulders as many times as you like.




“Pull Through” or “Loop-n-Through”

A classic way to wear your scarf! Just fold the scarf in half, drape around your shoulders with the loop over one shoulder, the ends over the other, and then pull the ends through the loop together to get your desired look.



“Swept Away”

This look is just one step away from being as simple as “The Hang Loose.” Once the scarf is draped around your shoulders all you have to do is throw one end over the opposite shoulder and you are ready to go out and turn heads!


“The Cape”

This uses your scarf more like a shawl. It will help keep your arms warm if you are wearing a short-sleeve dress or top. Make a scarf the perfect accessory (a substitute for carrying around a jacket) for your romantic dates or weddings this fall and winter.


“The Neck Wrap”

Perfect for when the weather gets cold AND windy. Being warm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice making a fashion statement. Try wrapping the scarf around your neck to keep it from blowing in the wind and help keep you warm.


“The Figure Eight” or “The NYC”

Want a fun way to dress up a classic? This one takes the “Pull Through” and gives it a little twist! Just fold and drape like on the “Pull Through” but only pull one end through, then twist the loop and pull the other end through.


In Your Hair

A scarf can even be a great addition to your stylish look by putting it in your hair. Dress up your hairstyle with this simple look by just draping the scarf over your hair and tying underneath.


“The Knot”

A great way to look professional, but still have on a fun scarf, is to throw it into a quick knot. All it takes is putting the scarf around your neck and shoulders and then taking the ends together and tying the scarf into a knot.


“The Pretzel”

This is a fun, simple look when you want something a little special but nothing too crazy. Put the scarf on loosely like you would for “The Wrap.” With the loop in the middle, twist it, then put one in through it by going over the scarf and the the other end through it by going under the scarf.



Do you have a favorite way to wear your scarves that we didn’t post? Share a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we love seeing you get creative!

For more ways to wear your Initials, Inc. scarves, and more instructions on how to complete these looks, check out our Pinterest Board

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