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Congratulations, Sandi Falloon, Creative Director!


Congratulations to Sandi Falloon for her recent promotion to Creative Director with Initials, Inc. With a great sense of leadership and love, Sandi has propelled her business to the next level. Here’s what she has gained through this journey:


Q: When you were first starting out what insight would have been helpful to know?

A: I think about this every now and then. Coming from another company, I already had knowledge of direct selling and skills that helped. However, learning that it isn’t what others are doing for me but that I was providing opportunities for them is key. In the end, everyone gets something they want.

Q: What are the greatest joys you have gathered from your business?

A: The friendships I have built with amazing people all across the country is one of the greatest joys to me. I am also blessed to show my children that even though I don’t have a full-time job, I take work seriously and have a strong work ethic. Finally, I am a different person than I was eight years ago. I used to be content to sit in the back of the room and never speak due to worry, panic, and low self-esteem. As I have learned what can be possible through my Initials, Inc. business, I have grown as an individual, gained more confidence, and found a joy in sharing.

Q: It takes courage, tenacity and a tremendous amount of effort to get to this point. What would you say are your greatest two strengths?

A: My two greatest strengths are my work ethic and patience. I have learned not to worry so much about the timing. Eventually, if I work hard at what I want, my dreams will come. My motto is ‘In God’s timing.’ Embracing this promise helps me deal with frustration and have patience for the right timing to arrive. My work ethic and patience are key ingredients to my success.

Q: 2013 is all about Becoming. What attribute would you like to improve in 2013?

A: It is interesting that the theme of this year’s National Conference is BECOME. Last year at conference, I stood up to discuss how I earned the trip through iRewards. The word BECOME kept popping into my head. BECOME means getting rid of your big ‘but’ and move forward. Whatever the obstacle is in your way (the ‘but’), move past it and BECOME what you were meant to BECOME! When you say ‘but,’ you are preventing yourself from being successful. I choose to use the word ‘when.’

Q: What do you enjoy most about the Initials, Inc. Party Experience?

A: I gear my parties towards the hostess and her guests. Since there is only one me, I can conduct parties on my terms. I enjoy flexibility and creating a party that the hostess hoped it would be.

Q: There are so many incredible individuals within the Initials, Inc. family. Does one person in particular stand out for you?

A: When I think about how I started out in this business, I reflect on Britney and Ivy’s story. They were at the same crossroads I was and decided to take it a step further by offering it to other women. In 2008 and 2009, my family was in the process of losing my sister to cancer. I will never forget when Joy Pratt, Kari Fitzgerald, and Aimee Armstrong reached out to ask what they could do to help. It wasn’t because their actions benefited them in any way, They did it because they care. These are ladies that I will call friends forever.

Q: They say ‘laughter makes the world go round.’ What makes you laugh?

A: My husband, kids and I are always laughing. It doesn’t take much for me to laugh. The Initials, Inc. Leadership Team is a fun group where I enjoy laughing as we review our mistakes and look forward.

Q: What is your one guilty pleasure?

A: I love getting out a jar of peanut butter and a Hershey’s chocolate bar – dipping it in and creating magic. I have also taught this to my kids.

Q: What does your husband think about your business and how does he support you?

A: When I first joined Initials, Inc., I came from another business that folded. As I am not a purse person, my husband first questioned, “you want to sell purses?.” He was, however, excited that this was unique that no one else in our area was selling it. Since he travels a lot, we coordinate our calendars which works for us. When I need help, he and our sons put on their Initials, Inc. shirts and help out. Earning the first cruise a few years ago was the affirmation he needed. It helped show him that this is more than a paycheck – it is an experience. He actually has made some great relationships with spouses of other Creative Partners and looks forward to socializing with them. He is totally on board. I am blessed!

There’s only one…Sandi!