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Why am I being connected to a Creative Partner?

Here are 3 reasons…

1. Why must I connect with a Creative Partner to make a purchase?

Initials, Inc. believes in personal service! Our products are sold exclusively through our thousands of consultants, or Creative Partners, across the nation. Your Creative Partner can contact you to schedule your Initials, Inc. party, or if you prefer shopping online, no problem. You can do so from your Creative Partner’s website – we just need to match you with the right Creative Partner first.

2. Why book a party?

All of our products have three prices – full price, half price, or FREE! You can certainly purchase your favorite items at full price today, or book a party and earn it for FREE of half price as part of your Hostess Rewards! Plus, you get the added bonus of a Hostess Shopportunity, FREE shipping on your Hostess Rewards, a future booking Hostess Shopportunity, and having a fabulous time with your girlfriends! We will connect you with a Creative Partner in your area so you can start working on your wishlist today!

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Great! If you already have a Creative Partner, simply enter her information above. We will connect you to her page and get your enrollment started. If you found us on your own, we’re thrilled! Allow us to connect you with a top-notch Creative Partner in your area. Welcome to the Aqua Family!