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Your Best Life! Live it and give it!

The YBL (Your Best Life) Case is your ‘go
to’ accessory for keeping you organized,
beautiful and on trend. $5 of your YBL
purchase goes directly to support the Initials,
Inc. iCare Foundation. This year, 100% of these
funds will go to Bethany’s NOW campaign. The NOW (No One Without) campaign is solely focused on finding forever families for the over 104,000 children currently waiting to be adopted in the U.S. Every $10,000 raised means a forever home for a waiting child in the States. Think of the lives we can change together! Make the YBL your favorite gift to give this season. YBL – Live it and Give it!


400,000 the number or children currently living in Foster Care in the US. - 104,000 the number of children in Foster Care waiting to be adopted. - 26,000 the number of children in Foster Care that age out of the system before finding their forever family.
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Bethany is about ensuring that every child has a loving family. As a Global Child Welfare Agency, Bethany provides services to keep families together and to bring families together. In the United States, they are pioneering new ways to support cross state adoptions making it easier for children to find a forever family. Last year Bethany supported 656 735 infant adoptions, 313 326 international adoptions and facilitated adoptions for 606 611 older children living in the Foster Care system. To learn more about Bethany visit them online at



Every family has been
touched by adoption. Ivy
and Britney, sisters and founders
of Initials Inc., are no different.
Their grandmother, lived in foster
care for 3 years before being
adopted at the age of 6. This adoption not only changed the course of their grandmother’s life, but what they know today is, like ripples in a pond, it changed the course of the many lives that followed, including their own.
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Fred and Steph had always
considered the possibility of
adoption. After the birth of their
two biological children, they
decided it was time. With international
adoption outside of their financial comfort zone, they began the process to become foster parents. Making peace with the fact that they might be a short-term home for children in need, Fred and Steph prayed a brave prayer: “God, we are willing to be whatever you want our family to be.”
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