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Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation

Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation



Julian and Stacey Goodson knew they wanted to be foster parents when they were still dating. Foster care and adoption was a big part of both of their lives. The couple started their remarkable journey shortly after they got married. Troi, age 17 and Drake, age 15, joined the Goodson family after many years in the foster care system. Both faced the possibility of aging out of the foster care system before the Goodsons stepped forward. Julian and Stacey were very aware of the extreme deficiency in homes for teenagers, due to Stacey’s employment and the couple’s involvement in community activities, so opening up their home to teens was natural for them. Adoption can be a very scary thing for children, especially teenagers. Throughout their lives, their experiences have taught them “adults cannot be trusted,” “adults will hurt us,” and “adults do not care about us.” With an exceptional amount of the Godly characteristics; patience, understanding, grace, and most importantly, unconditional love, Julian and Stacey provided these children the environment they need to feel safe and secure. Julian and Stacey never anticipated how many changes adoption would bring to their life and how miraculous some of those changes would be. Having two adolescent boys is a challenging experience for any parent; however, having two teenage boys that have experienced trauma join their family is a trial only their faith in Him could get them through. Julian and Stacey steadfastly believe that every child deserves to know what it is like to be tucked in at night, and every child deserves the opportunity to be in an environment that supports safety, nurturance, and love. In regards to their adoption journey, Stacey says “Many times it seems that we take two steps back and one step forward in our journey. Seeing the boys grow and developing their personalities within an environment they are able to thrive is worth all of the steps back, and more.”


Every family has been touched by adoption. Ivy and Britney, sisters and founders of Initials, Inc., are no different. Their grandmother, lived in foster care for 3 years before being adopted at the age of 6. This adoption not only changed the course of their grandmother’s life, but what they know today is, like ripples in a pond, it changed the course of the many lives that followed, including their own. “We are living examples of the power of adoption. It isn’t just one life changed. It’s generations,” states Ivy. “Our grandmother was an amazing woman that had an incredible influence in our life. The opportunity for all of us to work together to create the same life change for others is humbling and truly an honor,” states Britney. Support the Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation and give children living in foster care the opportunity to have a forever family and live their best life.