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  • Set your own hours and fit your Initials, Inc. business in and around your life. With Initials, Inc. you truly can Live Your Best Life!
  • Earn unlimited income! Our new Creative Partners earn an average of $49/hour. (Based on national average, earnings may vary depending on number of parties, party size.)
  • Love what you do. Sell on-trend products that can be personalized for FREE!
  • Earn Smart Start Rewards! In your first 100 Days, you can earn up to an additional $1,095 in products and business tools for FREE!
  • Award-winning training. Enjoy extra training and support to set you up for success.
  • Experience explosive growth! Initials, Inc. was rated by INC. as one inc500-5000-logo
    of America’s Fastest Growing Companies two years in a row!

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What Started out as...

a personal journey for these two women has today turned into a multi-million dollar, nationwide, life-altering company for families all across America. In 2005 these dynamic sisters quickly found themselves at the common crossroads of work and family. Shortly after the birth of their first children, they knew that their professional journey was about to take an exciting and unknown detour. Armed with a strong entrepreneurial background of creating their own path, this was an exciting time for both sisters…

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  • How quickly can I begin earning with Initials, Inc.?
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  • How much does it cost to get started?


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  • What is Smart Start?
  • Can I receive a personal website for my customers?
  • What else comes in my kit other than product?


  • Who is Initials, Inc.?
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