3 Essential Bags for Flawless Weekend Syle

By Amber,

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You’ve been eagerly awaiting the end of your workday for the past 8 hours, and now it’s finally here. The Weekend.

You’ve got plans for your weekend. You’re ready to relax, have fun, and rock your unique personal style. You’ve got your outfits planned, but then the question arises: what bag do I take? We’re here to introduce our 3 Essential Bags for Flawless Weekend Style:


1. Tribeca

The Tribeca is perfect for a classic, elegant, timeless style. Your Friday night out with your girlfriends has never been so stylish! Whether you’re at your favorite restaurant, a concert, a bachelorette party, or your BFF’s house, your Tribeca is the perfect finishing touch to any look. Your phone, keys, wallet, and an extra snack will all fit perfectly. Make sure it’s secure by using the magnetic snap closure. The Tribeca functions as a shoulder bag or a crossbody—you decide! Enhance your style with the trendy Tribeca!


Tribeca in Black


2. Getaway Tote

Are you getting away this weekend? Whether it’s out of town or just out of the house, the Getaway Tote has you covered. Forget the overnight bag, and pack your Getaway Tote. All of your essentials will fit perfectly into the spacious interior. If you’re staying longer, like to be prepared, or are a chronic over-packer, unzip the bottom back pocket for a clever connection to your Trolley Bag! If your goal is to get out of the house, pack your Getaway Tote for any occasion: a quick shopping trip, an afternoon movie, a day at the beach…the possibilities are endless!

SSSS17-2 GetawayToteFinal-1

























Left to Right: Getaway Tote in Paloma, Getaway Tote in Skinny Stripe


3. H3 Clutch

The H3 Clutch is a customer favorite! Store your receipts, coupons, checkbook, business cards, change…she’s so much more than a wallet! Rock it with or without the wrist loop. Grab it on your way out the door, or stash it in your Getaway Tote to grab and go when you don’t want to bring your whole bag. If you’re heading out of town, keep all of your airplane boarding essential inside: passport, ID, tickets, extra cash, etc. You’ll get through security quickly and in style!














Left to Right: H3 Clutch in Berry, H3 Clutch in Black with interior shown, H3 Clutch in Black

We wish you a wonderful weekend full of style! Don’t forget to post a picture of your favorite weekend bag and tag #initialsinc!