Who we are

Initials, Inc. is celebrating hard this Spring & Summer season! This season is about new growth, new opportunities and new reasons to party like never before. And it’s a good thing we know a thing or two about these…we are experiencing new growth all across the nation like before, creating new opportunities for our amazing Creative Partners, hostesses and customers to fall even more in love (is that even possible?) with our brand.

We are fiercely passionate about our mission here at Initials, Inc. – Initials, Inc. is a mission-minded company that believes there is no higher calling than to create opportunity for others, to be a blessing to those we serve and to Have Fun, Make Money! As we embark on our 13th year as a company, I am more in love with what we are building right now than ever before in our history! This is THE time to be a part of making some magic of your own right here with us. I have the honor and the pleasure to work alongside the most outstanding CEOs that are doing success their way and on their terms – not someone else’s.

Our Creative Partners call the shots of not only their businesses, but their lives – they work for the best woman (or man) that they know…THEM! And, can I tell you a secret? The only difference betweem them and you…they took the leap, rolled the dice and bet on themselves! It really is that simple. Come along for the ride, what do you have to lose? Or better yet, what do you have to gain? Extra income, free swag, work when you want, call your own shots and basically be the BOSS you were built to be! So, I say Spring & Summer 2018 is a massive confetti-worthy season: let’s get ready to party, to celebrate and to have a little extra fun Initials, Inc. style! See you at the party!