who we are

It’s Fall & Winter…my two favorite seasons of the year! These seasons are a new journey for each of us, shaped by precious family time, making memories with dear friends, and simply celebrating life together—what a joy! At Initials, Inc., we recognize the uniqueness of each individual and each life journey—they are all different. The beauty of our personalized business opportunity is that it’s all yours and it is built to adapt to your changing life. It’s your business, and it’s on your terms.


We are constantly researching what is trending, pulling our inspiration from the top trends to provide products and prints that keep you and your customers coming back for more! Our team turns inspiration into design; each exclusive Initials, Inc. product is inspired by any number of things. Focusing on our market and keeping upcoming trends in mind, our exclusives are what will keep you in style throughout every season.


I marvel at the function that our thoughtful products have in everyday life, and I am inspired by the solutions they give families to live easier. We focus on creating products that are different—and are as functional as they are fashionable and you won’t find anywhere else!


Don’t wear someone else’s logo, wear your own! We pride ourselves on offering our customers the chance to put the final touch on their perfect product—for FREE! Combine our products and stunning prints with your unique personalization choice and suddenly you have a personalized style staple all your own!


Our Creative Partners sell products that anyone in the country can use! These amazing women from all walks of life, from every demographic, from all 50 states across America, represent the most innovative and high-quality personalized (for FREE) products on the market—things you won’t find anywhere else but with her!

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve all of you through what we do here at Initials, Inc. Here’s to an amazing journey—come be a part of it with us and create the life you have always imagined!