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Initials, Inc. Rocked The Riviera in 2016

By Amber,

We had SO much fun with our Creative Partners at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya this year! YOU can join us next year as we enjoy the sand, sun and friendships at an all-inclusive resort. Take a look at this lovely video featuring highlights from this year’s incentive trip – a trip of a lifetime!
Join Initials, Inc. today by connecting with a Creative Partner in your area and get on track to experience the “Have fun!” in “Have fun! Make money!” from the shores of an exotic location. You can also keep up with exciting promotions, product features, events and more by liking our Facebook page or by following us on Instagram.

Initials, Inc. Boot Camp 2016 OPERATION: ACCELERATE

By Amber,

Our award-winning training program, Boot Camp, is a catalyst for growth in a Creative Partner’s business, year after year. Designed to reinforce the message that Creative Partners are in business for themselves, but never by themselves, Boot Camp teaches business basics, while encouraging Creative Partners to get outside of their comfort zone and learn what they are truly capable of.

With 3 levels of involvement – Aqua Beret, Cadet or Auditor – the Creative Partner can determine just how challenged she would like to be. Each week, hundreds of Creative Partners from across the country tune in for a thirty-minute training call that is laser focused on one aspect of building a successful business. That week, they work to complete and submit a challenge issued for their level.

After successfully completing 12 weeks of challenges, graduating Aqua Berets and Cadets are celebrated at The Big Event, where they receive their Aqua Beret and coveted pink dog tags on stage! More importantly, graduates experience record increases in sales, recruiting, parties and confidence!

Thinking of become a Creative Partner? There is no better time! Join now and learn how to be part of 2017’s Boot Camp and start your business with a bang!

The Round It Up Uses Round Up

By Amber,

RIU_AllIs your fashionista head spinning with possibilities when you think about the many incredible uses for the Round It Up? Ours is too! With eight loveable prints and endless personalization options to choose from, the Round It Up is a girl’s best friend. We’ve compiled some of its awesome uses. Check it out!

Make Cleaning Part Of Playtime

Personalize a Round It Up with your child’s name to make corralling toys more fun and provide them with a sense of ownership and responsibility all at once. You can even personalize each one with a specific type of toy, like block party for Legos and building blocks, or color me happy for crayons and markers. It’s never too early to teach your mini me organization skills!

Mismatched Mania

No one can escape the dreaded dryer monster that eats your socks (and isn’t it always the best ones?), so why not have an adorable little Round It Up nearby to house those unmatched socks? Got Socks? is a great personalization, and might we suggest Free Dobby for any Harry Potter fans?

Got To Catch It All

The Round It Up is the perfect size to meet your catchall needs, whether it is a place for hair bows, cosmetic essentials, guest bathroom necessities, or even toys for your fur babies. Get creative with your personalizations: bow basket, glam squad, be our guest and ruffhousin’ top our list!

Gift It Beautifully

Gorgeous prints coupled with clever personalization make the Round It Up perfect for gifting anyone on your list. Easter baskets, bridal shower gifts, dorm survival packs, or welcome to the neighborhood baskets are gifts sure to be admired. Try personalizing with He Is Risen, SMITH est 2016, dream big or Welcome Home – the sky is the limit!

Raise The Bar

Become the envy of your MOPS group, dance moms or the local PTA when you surprise your child’s favorite teacher with a trendy, personalized Round It Up. Be the lifesaver for your live-saving nurse friend by filling the Round It Up with necessities like pens, hand sanitizer and hair ties. We all need a little burst of sunshine in our busy lives, can we get an amen? This little wonder does the trick – just add a little imagination!
Are you thinking that you need a Round It Up for any of these occasions or have your own brilliant idea? We’ve got you covered. You can shop exclusively with your Creative Partner! If you don’t have a Creative Partner yet, no worries, just click here and you can enter your information to be matched with a consultant in your area.
We’d love to see what amazing ideas for uses and personalizations you come up with! Go on over to our Initials, Inc. – Official Company Page on Facebook and post a picture, or share it on Instagram using #initialsinc

Initials, Inc. Turns 11 – Message from Founder & CEO, Britney Vickery

By Amber,

DSC_4272It’s hard to believe that on February 20th we turn ELEVEN! If I do say so myself – I think we look pretty good for a 5th grader! And, I would say without a doubt, our best years are ahead of us!

I get so excited when I think about all that we have accomplished in just 11 short years. I am humbled that others have entrusted their dreams to us, and that in turn means that our dreams are entrusted in them – that is what I love about what we do – we do it together. However, my heart literally skips a beat when I think about all the people that have yet to become a part of our journey – I feel such a strong pull to find them, and find them fast. They need us and we need them – we have something that only we can accomplish together. I firmly believe that people were built to work with people – it is the beauty in how God crafted us. One person was built to pick up and make better the other next to them. What they can accomplish together is far and above what they could ever do alone – teamwork is pure magic!

We have been so blessed the last 11 years to watch lives transform right before our eyes – confidence soar, women finding themselves again, families becoming debt free, school tuitions paid in full, family vacations taken, charities supported, groceries put on the table, power bills paid, school clothes bought – the list goes on and on! And in all of these “victories,” ever how large or small, the beauty of the American dream is very much alive and well! This makes my heart happy. Our Creative Partners are living the story of – Have Fun! Make Money! – and it is precious to be a part of their lives!

I am ever thankful for this fabulous path God has sent me down 11 years ago in a spare bedroom in Georgia. It has been a path to draw closer to Him, to watch others discover their talents and passions, and in turn, discover my own along the way. Thank you for the past 11 years – to 111 MORE that are in front of us!

Smooch –



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iCare, Sandi Cares, We All Care

By Amber,

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Smiling faces and warm hearts. That’s what purchasing a Your Best Life Case makes possible. Initials, Inc. and its Creative Partners are proud to support Bethany’s N.O.W. campaign through our Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation partnership, which allows for $5 from every YBL Case sold to go toward finding forever families for children in need. Sandi Falloon, a Creative Leader from Ohio, has a passion for the cause that is evident in her business. Sandi is also the recipient of the iCare Foundation Award for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

“My business has always been about the mission that is possible with my commission. I love to fundraise and seek out those who need something I can play a part in offering them,” said Sandi. “Of all of the awards I have received in my years with Initials, Inc. this is the one that means the most to me.”

For Sandi, selling YBL Cases is all about making a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small the contribution. She encourages her customers by letting them know that one YBL or 30, they are making a significant impact on the life of someone who truly needs it.

“You don’t have to be loaded with resources to change someone’s life. You just have to be given the opportunity to contribute. That is my job–offer the opportunity,” said Sandi.

With the contribution of her record-breaking YBL Case sales to our other amazing Creative Partners and customers, the Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation has been successful in funding an astounding 83 adoptions since the partnership began.

Sandi had this advice to share with her fellow Creative Partners:
“I would tell a Creative Partner looking to sell more YBLs to talk to everyone about them. Make sure at your parties you highlight that item. Let people know that they can be part of something big by purchasing a case. Offer the opportunity to purchase them in bulk for groups or corporate gift giving. Offer challenges and incentives to your customers and hostesses.”

This go-getter attitude toward increasing YBL Case sales to benefit the Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation mission of truly making a difference in the lives of needy children and loving families is reflective of her business philosophy as a whole.

“My personal business philosophy has been based on patience. My personal motto is ‘My efforts, God’s timing,’” said Sandi. “It is not about having the largest team, largest paycheck, highest sales, etc. It is truly about the relationships, because without relationships you don’t have a business.”

To learn more about the Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation and our partnership with Bethany Christian Services, click here. If you’re interested in purchasing a YBL Case or other products, or are considering becoming a Creative Partner yourself, you can connect with a Creative Partner in your area as well.

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