The Round It Up Uses Round Up

Is your fashionista head spinning with possibilities when you think about the many incredible uses for the Round It Up? Ours is too! With eight loveable prints and endless personalization options to choose from, the Round It Up is a girl’s best friend. We’ve compiled some of its awesome uses. Check it out! Make Cleaning… Read more »

iCare, Sandi Cares, We All Care

Smiling faces and warm hearts. That’s what purchasing a Your Best Life Case makes possible. Initials, Inc. and its Creative Partners are proud to support Bethany’s N.O.W. campaign through our Initials, Inc. iCare Foundation partnership, which allows for $5 from every YBL Case sold to go toward finding forever families for children in need. Sandi… Read more »

7 Timely Quotes on Maximizing Your Time

Eighteenth century British statesman Lord Chesterfield is quoted as saying, “know the true value of time; snatch, seize and enjoy every moment of it.” At Initials, Inc., we’re all about snatching, seizing and enjoying every moment life presents. In the midst of ever-shuffling schedules and never-ending deadlines, it’s important to stop and just enjoy life…. Read more »

A Survivor’s Heart

To many, Debbie Taylor is a warm friend, a loving mother and grandmother and a Qualified Creative Partner at Initials, Inc. However, there is no singular word that can describe this woman. Hardships and the strength to overcome battle after battle made her a fighter. It made her a survivor. Debbie was first diagnosed with breast… Read more »