What is a Creative Partner?


You are a style-savvy person who loves all things personalized…most of all a personalized life where you call the shots on when, where, and how much you work!


You get to watch others SOAR! There is no greater feeling than watching someone you know come into their own beautiful potential – through coaching and mentorship as a leader you get to do just that…and, you’ll earn more as you grow a team!


You choose – sell online, in person or a combination of the two – the magical combo is what our most successful Creative Partners do – work smarter, not harder!


You get to make a difference in the lives of children through our iCare Foundation products in partnership with Bethany Christian Services, while you are also making a difference in the lives that live under your roof too – make your mark, do good, help others, live your best life!

Why Initials Inc.?


You’ll earn 25%-39% on your personal sales, earn discounted products each season for FREE or half-off, snag cash bonuses at every level of our leadership plan, earn trips for you + 1 (you’ll never travel alone at Initials, Inc.) and so many other perks and rewards along the way!


You work when it works for you…not the other way around. With a flexible schedule, you call the shots – you are your own CEO…just with no inventory to hoard in your basement (your fella will thank you!), no set working hours and unlimited income potential – earn what you know you are worth every time!


Award winning weekly training…endorsed by the Direct Selling Association – now that’s a FREE perk to excited about. No sales experience required…in fact most of our Creative Partners are blazing their path and don’t have sales experience, but they are turning into modern day moguls by staying plugged in, lifted up and trained like a champ from their fellow “aqua sisters” (that’s what we call ourselves – it is SO a sisterhood of awesomeness!)

Business Sales Kit

Order your kit and your aqua box will be on its way in just a few days. It may look like a cute aqua box filled with gorgeous sales tools, but it also holds:

  • A totally FREE exclusive Smart Start Program to get rewarded in your first 40 days in business, on us.
  • Find your Fab 4 in your first 40 days and earn even more! 
  • 25% commission instantly on anything and everything you sell!
  • A website, customer newsletter and cutting-edge app, all FREE in your first 40 days!
  • Immediate access to iOffice – your everything for your business, training, tips and educational resources, all at your fingertips!

a look at WHO WE ARE

Frequently Asked Questions

It means you are ready to work for the best woman (or man) you know…YOU! If you are 18+ years old, are a US citizen with a valid SS# and have a fire in your belly to do YOUR life, YOUR way – we are the place for you! You will have a home-based business all your own – in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We do a lot of the heavy lifting for you… all you have to do is share great products, talk to people and Have Fun, Make Money, baby!

It’s where the magic happens around here! Our Creative Partners stand the tallest in living rooms, family rooms, back yards, decks and dens all across America sharing the love of what they are growing! A party is the term that we use, but we say call it what you want – get together, girls night out, mix & mingle – you name it – it’s all the same – gathering of people that want to shop amazing products, get outstanding deals and hang with some rockin’ people. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Well, that is 100% up to you as you are your own Initials, Inc. CEO – you call the shots, baby! Most of our Creative Partners work 8 to 10 hours a month and receive compensation that matches that effort, but if you want more, then simply do more. This is your business – it can be as big or as small as you desire – you set your level of success and your level of compensation.

How about $0.00? Yep, you read it right! As an industry leader, we are so proud that we offer the opportunity for you to Join for FREE every single day of the week. Through our Host & Join program you can simply start off as a Hostess and convert your FREE Hostess Rewards towards the purchase of your very own business! However, if you are like most and are ready to jump right in, then it is a simple $50 for your Business Sales Kit + SHOP select products at 50% OFF when you JOIN – and, we’ll even ship this entire order to you for FREE! And, gals let’s be honest, we blow that amount with one trip to the mall or the grocery store – let’s bet that same amount on something that truly matters…YOU and YOUR success!

This is the fun part… as much as you want! You will earn a base 25% commission, but this can go up to 39% on your personal sales depending on your rank. You then can earn personal sales bonuses, overrides on sales of your teammates, promotion bonuses of $1,000-$10,000, development bonuses of $1,000 and more…just for having fun! We also know that there are times you need money and need it fast – which is why every Friday is payday here at Initials, Inc. – we call it FriYAY for Weekly Pay!

No way! Actually, the majority of our Creative Partners have no sales experience… and they are crushing it! We train you on everything you need to know (which is pretty simple), connect you with an outstanding team of other Creative Partners to learn from, offer FREE, industry award-winning training, provide you with a library of training topics in your exclusive iOffice so you can train when you want, as often as you want. We also connect you with an army of other Creative Partners in our Creative Partner Community Group so you are always surrounded with support. Girl, you’ve got this – bet on yourself, and not your 9 to 5!

If you want to stay in the game as a Creative Partner, then you simply need to sell $250 every rolling three-month quarter – easy! That is like 1 party every 90 days…hello, that’s a no brainer! But now that’s just the minimum, and we all know you are not joining to be a minimum gal, right? Let’s rock this out, baby!

The “Aqua Family” as we call it is a special place. We truly believe in the value of each life and each life journey – they are all different – they should all be different! We believe in the worthiness of women to find their voice, their passion and level of success on their terms. Our mission states that we believe there is no higher calling than to create opportunity for others, to be a blessing to those we serve, and to Have Fun, Make Money! We believe that having fun, making money and making a difference can all happen at the same time…and life is WAY more fun when they do! We believe that we have been waiting on you because you are reading this right now…come on, let Initials, Inc. be the stage for you to stand on and show the world what you are capable of becoming!