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The first time I ever bought something that I intended on personalizing, I agonized for HOURS over what to put on it. Do I put my traditional monogram? What if I get married and it changes? A single initial? What is the best choice for me? Obviously, we’re ALL about personalization. We like to think the best brand, is YOUR brand! But, we know it can be difficult to decide on the perfect monogram for you. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to personalize, and we hope you’ll find some inspiration for your next personalization!



Single Initial – Straight to the point.

Single Initial Monograms are simple yet sophisticated, saying so much without saying much at all.







Two Diamonds – Chic.

The Two Diamonds Monogram takes your single initial to the next level by adding a little bit of trendy flair.







Graceful – Elegant.

The Graceful Monogram stands out with it’s grace. This beautiful monogram will class up anything.







Traditional – Classic.

The Traditional Monogram is time-honored. We love to hold on to a little bit of tradition.







Shape Monogram – Diamond.

The Diamond Monogram really is a girl’s best friend.







Shape Monogram – Circle.

The Circle Monogram puts a neat, compact spin on the traditional monogram shape!







MEGA Monogram – Loud & Proud.

We LOVE the Mega Monogram. It’s perfect for those who were born to stand out!