Sell Initials Inc. products in person and online. Earn 25-35% commission weekly + potential bonuses.


Choose your hours, work from home and on the go. Plus you're in business 24/7 instantly with your custom website.


Enjoy discounts, early access to exclusives, shopping sprees and so much more.


Be part of our partnership with Bethany Christian Services to find forever families for children waiting to be adopted.




$29 Rep Kit

($80+ VALUE)

+ Catalogs
+ Business Supplies

$99 Signature Upgrade

($300+ VALUE)

$300 in retail product to boost your business and build your samples

$199 Premium Upgrade

($600+ VALUE)

$300 in retail product to boost your business and build your samples

Earn Income

Sell Initials Inc. products in person and online. Earn 25-35% commission weekly + potential bonuses!


Submit $1,000+ in Personal Sales Volume in your first 40 days and snag a $200 Shopping Spree on us!


You’re in business 24 hours a day/7 days a week – just simply share your link!
($60 Value)


we communicate with your customers on your behalf and link them back to your website!


Your Business Hub for all things Initials Inc. – training resources, marketing tools and more!

frequently asked questions

It means you have a fierce, motivated, inner boss babe that is dying to be unleashed! It means you’re 18+, a US citizen with a valid Social Security Number, and a fire in your belly to rock YOUR life, YOUR way! You’ll have a home-based business all your own – in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting for you – all you have to do is share fantastic products, talk to people, and Have Fun! Make Money! On YOUR Terms!

A get together, girls night out, mix & mingle , a party – call it whatever you want! It’s all the same – a gathering of people that want to shop some amazing products, get outstanding deals, enjoy FREE personalization, and hang with some awesome people!

That’s the brilliance of On YOUR Terms – you decide! You know what they say – you reap what you sow. Most of our Independent Representatives work 8 to 10 hours a month and receive compensation that matches that effort, but if you want more, then do more! This is YOUR business – it can be as big or as small as you desire!

This is the fun part – as much as you want! You’ll earn a base 25% commission… but again, this is on YOUR terms! Your pay will reflect your hustle! Earn up to 35% on your personal sales and an additional 10% on your personally sponsored Reps. We also know how awesome it is to get a frequent paycheck, which is why every Friday is payday here at Initials Inc. – we call it FriYAY for Weekly Pay!

No way! In fact, the majority of our Independent Representatives have no sales experience, and they are crushing it! It truly is as simple as Have Fun! Make Money! On YOUR Terms! We connect you with an outstanding team of other Independent Representatives, and provide you with a library of materials to supercharge your social connections and build your business big. Girl, you’ve got this – bet on yourself!

If you want to stay in the game as an Independent Representative, you simply need to sell $250+ annually – easy! But, that’s just the minimum, and we all know you aren’t joining to be a minimum gal, right? Let’s rock this out baby!

The “Aqua Family” as we call it is a special place. We truly believe in the value of each life and each journey – they are all different – and they should all be different! We believe in the worthiness of women to find their voice, their passion, and level of success on their terms. Our mission states that we believe there is no higher calling than to create opportunity for others, to be a blessing to those we serve, and to Have Fun! Make Money! We believe that having fun, making money on YOUR terms, and making a difference, can all happen at the same time… and life is WAY more fun when they do! We believe that we have been waiting on you because you are reading this right now. Let Initials Inc. be the stage for you to stand on and show the world what you are capable of becoming!