Our Story


this is Initials Inc.

New mom, Britney, was just searching for someone who could put her son’s name on his diaper bag. After weeks of searching in her local community, her husband Darren suggested a simple but life-changing idea: 

“Why don’t you do it?” 

 Struggling to find her purpose as a stay-at-home mom, and eager to make a financial contribution, Britney dove in! Armed with a spare bedroom and a 6-foot folding table, she invested in her first embroidery machine and started monogramming anything that wasn’t moving. Soon, she was taking orders from friends and neighbors (many who wanted to sell the products themselves!) and began to see that this little spare bedroom boutique could become SO MUCH MORE. 15 years later, Initials, Inc. is a nationally-recognized brand with thousands of Creative Partners in all 50 states, founded on the simple, but life-changing idea that we all should be provided with the opportunity to HAVE FUN! MAKE MONEY!