Host a $250+ Party, Get any Out & About or Double Dish for $22! Host a $550+ Party, Get any What’s Cookin' for $26 or Chiller for $29!



Why you'll love it


Gather your girlfriends to shop & socialize. You deserve a girl’s night! Design a look that’s uniquely yours, and swap tips for monogramming bliss.


Open your home for a get-together and enjoy FREE and half-priced items, FREE shipping, and Exclusive Hostess Shopportunities.


Your friends will get great deals on fab bags too, with our monthly Customer Shopportunities. And everyone will love the FREE PERSONALIZATION!

What you'll get

60 DAY
$250 $25 YES YES FREE
$350 $35 1 YES YES FREE
$450 $60 1 YES YES FREE
$550 $75 2 YES YES FREE
$650 $100 2 YES YES FREE
$750 $125 3 YES YES FREE
$850 $150 3 YES YES FREE
$1,000 $200 4 YES YES FREE
$1,001+ = 20% in
free product

What to expect





Frequently Asked Questions

Even in our social media overloaded world… we are built to be in community with each other. People love to connect, especially women. And, our average Hostess earns hundreds in FREE products, several more products at half-price, FREE shipping on her Hostess order, and an exclusive monthly product offering just for them! We truly have something for everyone at Initials, Inc.!

Personalized products deserve personalized service. You will preview our amazing products live at your party, place the order for your products at the party and then the party will be submitted for completion. Once our Order Fulfillment team receives the party order it will be heading your way in 5 to 10 business days! Now, let’s just think about that for a minute…personalized products, made uniquely for you and your friends coming to you in 5 to 10 business days! Girl, we’ve got you covered… quickly!

Totally up to you and depending on the time of day for your party. We say keep it simple, and have a beverage option, and few snacks/finger foods and call it a day. Most of our products are fabric-based materials so we want your guests to have clean hands while they are trying on the products and finding their perfect match!

No way! We encourage our Creative Partners to bring their Starter Kit and few key pieces that are hot sellers in your market – that’s all. We have found that this gives you an amazing overview of our high quality products, while still allowing you to browse the full catalog and see everything. It’s the perfect balance!

We have a robust online connection platform that is here for you. All you need to do is simply click the link for I need a Creative Partner, enter your info and a Creative Partner will follow up in the 24 hours – easy peasy! However, once you submit your info you will be instantly taken to their website so you can shop away or give them a call or text immediately – all their info is posted on their website.

It’s so simple, and we say leverage your sphere! Popping a quick branded postcard (your Creative Partner will give these to you) in the mail – or better yet in their hand, sending out social media messages and postings, and simply word of mouth. Women love to share when they find a good deal… and you, our Hostess, just found a really good deal!

Girl, we’ve got your back! Our Creative Partner will have a specific link set up just for YOU and YOUR party. This link will be shared on the invitations that you send/hand out, as well as post socially. All of your friends, whether they live next door, or have a calendar conflict, or live on the other side of the country, can shop your party! No limits on who and how your friends can shop with you!

The more the merrier we say! We know a general rule of thumb is if you want 10 in attendance (which is a fabulous size), then you need to invite 30 to 40. You know how busy we all are these days – so over-invite to ensure you have a rockin’ party…with rockin’ rewards for you as the Hostess!

Our Creative Partners are grateful for every party – live or online – but girl, we know where the magic happens, and it happens in person! We love you enough to be honest here, online parties are never as successful as a live party. Live parties give you and your friends the personal shopping experience that we all crave. Let your Creative Partner give YOU and YOUR girls a night to remember! And, we also know that as a Hostess you want big rewards…and we want to give them to you for FREE! So get your friends together, pop a bottle of wine, gab it up, shop great products and be rewarded – let’s have some in person FUN…not sit in our PJs behind a screen!

We have found that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to location! Big or small, we love them all, and so will your friends – remember, they are coming to connect with their friends and shop great products – location truly doesn’t matter.